River Mallard Custom Duck, Goose and Crow Calls were first introduced to consumers in 2003. Now, for over a decade, Doug Hess, designer and maker has perfected his game calls.

Doug has taken all of the negative aspects of other calls and has used that as a learning tool to create what he believes is a perfect duck, goose and crow call for all waterfowl hunters. River Mallard Custom Calls look, sound and feel great. The barrel has been designed to seat up next to your lips and give a nice tight seal, yet still feel real comfortable. The insert has been designed to give you a nice, firm grip on the call, giving you all the control you need. All of this, makes this one of the most comfortable calls on the market.

River Mallard Custom Calls have been designed to blow very easy, allowing the caller to perform for long periods of time without becoming winded. These calls will down right scream, yet give you the softest, most realistic quacks, clucks or moans you could ever imagine.

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